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    • is a rapid-access wiki-based resource designed to provide a concise synopsis of key practice guidelines and research literature for Canadian Internal Medicine residents and medical students.
    • We hope that this site will facilitate rapid acquisition of Canadian Royal College Competencies for Internal Medicine.
    • The articles presented on this website can also be used as a syllabus for teaching medicine.



    • To create the best possible Internal Medicine reference website for studying and teaching, and make it available to everyone for free.

    How Information is Created

    • Lengthy guidelines and articles are condensed to key points, and organized into tables, charts and hierarchical headings for high-yield learning.
    • Key points and clinical pearls are further highlighted throughout the text.
    • Research studies are in blue
    • Content is created as a wiki, which allows for collaboration among a community among medical trainees.
    • Everything remains in the public domain (Wikipedia Style), but please follow references for permission to reproduce content.


    • As with any online resource, exercise clinical judgement when implementing management strategies found here.
    • References are provided, and learners should cross-check details (esp. drug doses) with current reference materials
    • You are welcome to post suggested changes in the comments section of articles or send  feedback  for any major issues.

    How to Contribute

    • You are welcome to quickly register (top-left) and contribute!
    • It is recommended that authors read the brief "Instructions to Authors" page before contributing.


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