CCU Inpatient



    Post-PCI Discharge Instructions


    • See cardiologist in 6-12w (make referral)
    • See your family doctor within 1 week.
      • GP should check blood work (electrolytes, creatinine)
      • GP should titrate beta-blocker and ACEi


    • Stress importance of taking dual antiplatelets x1 year.  Speak to doctor if cannot afford.
    • Driving:
      • Source: iCCS App (download for smartphone!).  Has commercial driving regulations.
      • Diagnosis Driving Restriction
        STEMI 1 month
        NSTEMI + Significant LV Damage 1 month
        NSTEMI + minor LV damage + PCI 48 hrs
        NSTEMI + minor LV damage + no PCI 7 days
        Unstable Angina + PCI 48 hrs
        Unstable Angina + no PCI 7 days
    • Activity:
      • Avoid lifting over 10lb for first week post MI
      • Exercise is important - gradually build up level of activity
        • LImit to light activity x2w, then increase over next month
      • Exercise to maintain healthy weight
    • Cardiac Rehab (For all STEMIs)
      • You will be contacted.  If you have not heard in a few weeks ask your doctor to refer. 
    • Return to Work
      • Depends on the extent of heart attack and how well recovering (and type of work). 
    • Risk Factors
      • Diet
        • Cut back to < 3 drinks/day of alcohol (1 per day considered safe)
        • More fruits, vegetables
        • Avoid fatty or fried food.
      • Smoking
        • Recommend to quit, will lower chances of dying from heart disease.
        • Smoking aids increase chance of quitting (see Smoking Cessation Section)
        • i.e. Varenicline (Champix) is most effective, followed by nicotine patches (together they are additive)
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