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    . Source: The Little ICU Book by Paul Marino (2008)



    • Defined as a cognitive disorder characterized by attention deficits and either disordered thinking or an altered level of consciousness.  
    • MUST be abrupt onset and fluctuating clinical course
    • The most characteristic features are acute onset and fluctuating clinical course.
    • DeliriumDefinition.jpg

    • (Source: "The Little ICU Book" by Paul Marino 2008)

    • Two types:

      • Hypoactive Delirium

      • Hyperactive Delirium



    • Discontinue drugs that can cause delirium
    • Avoid using drugs including:  (make agitation worse!)
      • Opioids
      • Benzodiazepines (only for alcohol withdrawal seizures)
    • Antipsychotic Drugs
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