Instructions to Authors

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    Instructions to Authors:

    • Please use bullet points, all points should be brief and avoid text-wrapping.
      • Use <TAB> on your keyboard to move bullet point right (Sub-list)
      • Use <SHIFT>+<TAB> to move bullet point left.
    • To make new pages, open a parent page/folder, and click "New Page" at the top
      • Options:
        • "Template: Page with Subpage List": Sections
        • "Template: Page with Table of Contents" for new pages (including table of contents).
    • Use headings "H1" "H2" "H3" when creating headings.  This ensures they appear in the Table of Contents.
    • Pictures/Diagrams:
      • Upload them to the page (press "Edit Page", and at the bottom "Attach File").
      • Click on "Image" in the editing toolbar to add the image you uploaded to the page.
      • Please include a quick reference.
    • Tables
      • When creating a table set "width" BLANK.
      • In "advanced" tab, you can select a table style.

    Thank you for participating!

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