Colorectal Cancer

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    CRC Canadian Guidelines

    Canadian guidelines for Colorectal Cancer
    Average Risk
        No family hx, or >60 at diagnosis
    Start Screening: 50 years or 45 if of African descent.
        - Prevention:
            a.) Colonoscopy q10y
            b.) Flexible Sigmoidoscopy q5-10y
            c.) CT colonography q5y
        - Early Detection:
            a.) FOBT yearly

    Moderate Risk
        Family Hx --> 1st degree relative diagnosed <60 OR two 1st degree relatives
        Start: 40y or 10 years before diagnosis
        - Colonoscopy q5y

    High Risk
                -  Flex sig/colonoscopy yearly starting teens until advised to have surgery
                - Colonoscopy at age 20-25 q2y until age 40, then yearly after 40.
        IBD (Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's Disease)
                - Colonoscopy q1-2y after max 8y of colitis
                - Multiple biopsies to r/o dysplasia even if no lesions found
                - No screening if only proctitis
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