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    OHIP Physiotherapy Clinics

    OHIP PT is available for:

    • under age 19
    • over age 65
    • anyone of any age on ODSP
    • Ontario Works. 
    • Also anyone who had surgery and stayed in hospital overnight, and now needs physio for the same condition

    To access OHIP PT, the patient needs a referral signed by a physician.




    (Credit to Dr. Chase McMurren)

    1. An app for anxiety (and more?)

    -MindShift is an app made by AnxietyBC: http://anxietybc.com/mobile-app

    -it's FREE!

    -highlights include the Chill Out Tools section, complete with ready-to-use Relaxation Exercises, Visualizations and Mindfuless Strategy recordings (ie. including Calm Breathing, Body Scan recordings by both male and female speakers)

    -tools for monitoring/tracking symptoms 

    -how-to "Active Steps" for issues like "Letting go of perfectionism"


    2. AnxietyBC

    -this is an amazing internet resource for patients with anxiety: http://anxietybc.com

    -there's a bunch of great patient handouts: http://anxietybc.com/anxiety-PDF-documents 

    -the youth and young adult section is comprehensive and age-appropriate: http://youth.anxietybc.com

    -the overview of CBT is clear and helpful, with videos: http://anxietybc.com/cbt-home

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