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    Weeks  Care
    8-12 weeks First Visit
    Visit q4weeks until 28 weeks
    Visit q2weeks until 36 weeks
    Visit q1week until delivery
    11-14w IPS Part I or FTS if desired
    15-20w IPS part II or Maternal Serum alphafetoprotein, or quad screen
     27-29w Glucose Challenge Test, Rh immune globulin (Rhig or Rhogam) for Rh- pts.  Repeat CBC
     36w Vaginorectal swap for GBS, Repeat CBC
     40+ Weekly BPP for post-dates
    G P A System:
    G- Number of pregnancies (twins = 1) including current
    P - Number of pregnancies >20 weeks (includes viable or non-viable)
    A - Number of terminated pregnancies (stillbirths apparently do not count)
    Always ask: 
    1.  Is the baby moving?
    2.  Are you bleeding from vagina?
    3.  Are you having contractions?
    4.  Did you have a gush of fluid like you broke your water?
    Also ask:
    1.  Last pap test date + result.
    2.  Rh Status
    3.  GBS status


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